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Friday, May 16, 2014

But, but...I'm not ready!

Probably the most commonly used phrase by people contemplating changing their life. And to that I say *When, pray tell, do you think you WILL be ready?* If you wait until something happens, an accident, illness, warmer weather, cooler weather, insert-excuse-here, you will probably never start. And that isn't laziness, its a lack of self value.

If you are sitting there, feeling bad, unhealthy, weak, out of shape, etc thinking you really ought to do something about it...then by golly get off your a$$ and do it! NO ONE is too busy to take care of them self. If you take an HONEST look at your day, there are very few people who can say they truly don't have time. Most people have LOTS of time...we just fill it up with mindless things, aka waste it. I am certainly guilty of this. There are PLENTY of times I *should* be doing something else, or could be doing something else and instead, I would rather sit on my heiny and go on facebook, or read, or insert-distraction-from-life-here...well if you TAKE that time and give it to yourself to take care of you...IMAGINE! :) But what it really boils down to is a lack of self value. We put ourselves at the bottom of the list(women, especially mothers) behind everyone and everything else, including the dog (cat, ducks...)and that has to change. How are you supposed to do ALL that you do AND make time for you and do it all with the best of your ability if you are not putting yourself near the top of that list? You can't drive a car with no gas. You can't run a lawnmower with no gas. You can't do MANY things with no *gas* why are you living your life running on no *gas*?

There will never BE a *right time* so why not start now? Make today the first day of the rest of your life. Learn to eat better for your lifestyle. Find a fitness program you enjoy. Build some strength in that amazing body of yours. You will sleep better, feel better and you will not regret it. If you don't take care of you FIRST (or at LEAST put yourself in the top 5) then how are you supposed to care for anyone else? When you give to yourself first you WILL have that energy and strength to do all of those things you want to do for others. I do not have a ton of time to go to the gym and do all sorts of stuff there AND get my running in. Plus, for me, the gym is not somewhere I want to be for *my* workouts...I want to be outside, or home as then I am usually multi-tasking, lol...but that is why the program I most favor is the exact one I do myself. Its quick, gets the job done and gets results. Its the one I would go to first for ANYONE wanting to change their life and health because its easy and quick and shows you you DO have time to work out and you will see results. Its easy to fit into your life and your routine.

This goes for diet as well...too busy to cook for yourself? Nonsense. There are plenty of healthy options you can make/eat that take no time at all. And you DESERVE to put good food into your body! Most people actually don't eat enough food to fuel their lifestyle (and I mean ALL sized people) Well, again...if there isn't enough gas in the car, you aren't going to get far, are you? If you fill your tank, your car can go all day! Same goes with *your* tank. You need to fuel for your activities. When you fill your *tank* you will feel better and have more energy. When you fill your tank with GOOD *gas* you are unstoppable. This does not mean you cannot eat the foods you love anymore, it simply means you need to eat a balance of foods, and only what your body needs(calorie-wise). I say follow the 80/20 rule. For the average person looking to feel better and get fit, make sure 80% of those calories you need come from quality foods. Doesn't HAVE to be organic, you do the best you can. If you can eat organic, great. If you can't, you can still eat a healthy diet. (make sure you wash and/or peel those fruits and veggies though) 20% of your calories can be foods that may be less than stellar...but darn it you like them. Chocolate, some wine, ice cream...they aren't *bad* foods, but you don't want to run your engine on them. I find that for most people, if you tell them they can't have something or not to eat something and label it BAD, they will want it more. Then they eat that bad food, and ugh, I messed everything up so I may as well have the whole day thinking you failed and why bother...wash, rinse, repeat. Well, you won't get far that way...instead, if you want that slice of cake and you know you ate really well that day...have it. Need something sweet every day? Plan something into your day then. Like the vino? Plan for that glass or 2...getting fit does NOT have to be punishment OR complicated and hard, because you know what? If it is either of those things, you aren't going to do it, do it for long, or stick with it. If it is something comfortable, guilt free, easy...why WOULDN'T you do it?

This is what I really want to teach people. You simply start where you are and go from there. Make simple changes, tweaks and adjustments in your life and perspective and the results will come. You will be so happy you did it. You will then stick with it. And you ARE worth it. You are valuable. You deserve it. :)

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