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Monday, August 15, 2011

TARC 12 hour Race Report

Why, yes...yes I did do a race 2 weeks after my last one. :)
Poor planning on my part but I signed up for this one months ago and then I HAD to do the Race Around the Lake...ah, well. I felt great going in to this race, I felt great after the last race despite the HELL that was the humid and rain that night so I figured all was right in the world :) I tried to take it easy these 2 weeks but...ah, me and tapering/resting are not friends, lol.

The weather eading up to this race was fantastic. Cool and dry...I figured race day would be perfect. I did not mind the weather though it did feel a bit humid, there was plenty of tree coverage which kept the sun off of us all day. This was the first time for this race on this course and I will say I believe it went off without a hitch. The course was well marked (*I* did not get lost! Only once did I get a little confused) the aid station was VERY well stocked, there was never any lack for water...a big one for me. The volunteers were fantastic and supportive ALL day. It was absoutely a race I would do again. The course itself was a great 6.5m loop with varied terrain, hills and just enough technical *stuff* for me. I ended up doing 43.2 miles in 11:32 as I did the half lap option at the end, plus the mile *short-cut* back to the start/finish. Even though it wasn't the mileage I wanted, I had a great day. It was so fantastic to be out there running miles and miles in the woods with a cool bunch of people.

It was great to see the TUGers out there representin' as well as meeting a few new friends and reconnecting with others. I had all intentions of doing 50 miles but my legs weren't having it. I could not keep my legs under me! I fell twice in the first lap, and several times during the second...I was doing fairy well pace-wise, and thought I could have easily kept it up except for the fact that until I slowed down, I continued to fall! So, I slowed down, and called it good training and time on my feet :) It was great though as it gave me the opportunity to run with some people I wouldn't have otherwise, and got to spend several laps with Brenda M. which was awesome. She had decided to take it easy and enjoy the day as well...otherwise I couldn't have kept up with her!

I wasn't able to eat all that much during the race per usual, but I did drink plenty and was only down 5lbs when I got home which was great. That is easy enough to put back with a good meal and a liter or 2 of fluid. I feel like I am getting MUCH better with that piece, which in turn makes my runs better, and recovery quicker. And speaking of recovery....I could have run YESTERDAY. Seriously, I had NO leg fatigue whatsoever. I had some slight soreness in my legs but honestly, my ARMS hurt more from all the falls I took and trying to lessen my impact with the earth, lol. Course my knee hurts too from ripping it open twice more but that's just par for the course. I don't know if I have EVER done a race where I didn't fall at least once. Actually, I don't think I have ever been on the trail and not fallen...doh! Also, I cannot say enough about the Hokas! They are absolutey the best and once again saved my feet and legs during another race. I think I like the Bondi's better than the Mafate's...I'll have to see what I think of the stinsons when I try them. :)

One thing I did realize from this race is that I REALLY need to get on the trails more. I just don't put in the time training on trails I should. I live 2 miles from a trail head at Mt Wachusett, and there is another trail  to ??? a mile away...and I don't run there, why exactly? Yeah, my new goal leading up to VT50 is to get out on the trails at least twice a week. I know I could do better time-wise if I ran trails more and *practiced* the footing, etc. VT50 is tough for me with the tight cut-offs and if it rains I will be almost destined for a DNF...once the bikes muck up the trail it becomes damn near impossible to get anywhere. If it is dry, I do think I have a decent shot at finishing as long as I get some trail time in between now and then. I have been diligently following a strength training program since June, increasing my overall mileage, and getting my hydration issues under control so not much is standing in my way except whatever race day holds! My health has been holding steady which has been fantastic and aside from the insomnia and food allergy craziness I feel SO much better than I ever have. I have my 6mo appt. with my immunologist next week and I am  excited to see him! I am sure he will run labs but I expect that everything will actually look good and he will be quite happy. I really believe as long as I stay on the LDN things will continue to be ok. Someday I hope to be able to go off it but I know from reading that most people can't...and honestly, I am ok with that. I wouldn't trade feeling this good for anything! I am SO incredibly grateful for this health!

So, I took Sunday AND today off! It is torrentially raining here and I did feel a little out-of-gas last night so I figured sleep and rest might not be a bad thing and Monday is normally a rest day for me I am. :) I expect I will be back at it tomorrow morning, rain or shine...VT50 will be here before I know it!