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Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Official.

I have finally officially OFFICIALLY put myself out there as a personal trainer. Took me over a year to do it, too. Its been a bit of a journey from when I started on this Path, and though I am still and always evolving...I am definitely on the other side of THIS particular mountain.

When I decided to pursue training in Personal Training and Nutrition 3 years ago, I was doing it as much for myself as I was to help others. *I* needed the education as a reminder of the *right* way to do things. Also, as someone who runs ultras I need to be in the best shape my body can be in to do this...and I simply wasn't. So, studying began. I learned a LOT. Actually, the *book* learning caused me to branch out and explore things that were NOT  being taught and I was amazed by what I was learning and couldn't WAIT to put in into practice.

Along the way, unfortunately, I had some health issues slow me down and set me back a bit, but my passion never wavered. I continued to research and study. When I was feeling good, I started to practice what I was going to teach. I spent a year, actually, practicing. I could not, and would not, in good conscience advise people to do something that a) I had not tried, or was not doing myself and b) I didn't know worked. So, what I want to share with people is something that I believe in and actually follow.

I have always wanted to work with empower them in their own skin. Mostly because I KNOW how it feels to not feel strong, to not feel safe, to not feel good about yourself for WHATEVER reason. I know what it feels like to think you need to be a certain size, or a certain way, to be accepted or *perfect*. Well, I am here to tell you its all BS. :) I feel strong and powerful and good RIGHT NOW in the skin I am in. Am I perfect? HELL no. AM I society's idea of beauty/fitness/etc? I doubt it. But you know what? I am strong, I am healthy, I enjoy eating, training, feeling good in the body I have and I am owning it. THAT is what I want to teach and help other women feel. I want to meet people where they are and help them to be the very best they can be WHATEVER that is. I want people to feel good in their bodies, do activities they love, realize that it really ISN'T  that hard to follow a fitness program that will help you strengthen your body AND mind :) I hope to reach people and help them so they NEVER feel *less than* in their skin again.

And this is not to say I wouldn't work with men or that they don't feel this way because sadly, many do. It is much more prevalent with women though. Basically I want to help PEOPLE find their strong body and feel good in their skin, and their life. Its an interesting phenomenon, strength training. When you start to work on strengthening your muscles, having a strong body...your *mind* is not too far behind. You stand a little taller, feel a little more confident, maybe even become a little more assertive. Mind-body connection...its an amazing thing...

Another passion of mine based on my experience is helping people with chronic illnesses find fitness. I can speak from personal experience that exercise DOES play a HUGE roll in healing. Having had Lyme for the better part of my adult life, and Hashimoto's for the last 8+ years I know how hard it can be to maintain an exercise program when you can barely get out of bed. I have spent months on the couch unable to function with basic activities, never mind exercise. The interesting thing was, that when I was healthy enough to exercise, I did. When I was too sick, I didn't. But when I was well enough to go back, it wasn't like starting over from square one, it was more like I simply fell off the wagon and had to get back on. This was VERY comforting to me! It is not easy to be super active AND manage a chronic illness. It requires diligence and knowing your body. It means being extra careful to eat well and enough. Listening to your body signals and knowing when you can push and when to back off...and being ok to work around that. But it can be done, even in small doses.

I think its all about finding something active you love and making it a priority. I love running. LOVE it. I dare say I am a little is my passion. I love helping people train, improve their running strategies, helping them go further, accomplish goals, or even make it around the block. I just love everything about running :) Not everyone is a runner, though. And that is SO ok! You are not going to stick with running if you don't enjoy it. Maybe your passion is hiking, or roller skating, or Zumba, or backwards power-walking...whatever brings you joy, whatever activity that when you finish, you are already thinking about the next time you can get out there and do it. Find your passion and then you train for it! Its not about what will make you lose weight the fastest, or what *everyone else is doing* its about what physical activity will bring YOU joy, while at the same time creating a fit and healthy body for you to live in.

So, now I am out there....hoping to be able to help and empower many people on their Paths, while continuing to improve on mine. Pretty exciting.... :)

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