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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Body Shaming....stop it.

So, over the past few days I have read several posts that have upset me very much and they all involved the OP posting something about someone they saw dressed a certain way and how*gross* it was...followed by a bunch of responses agreeing. Maybe its the people I hang around with, or maybe its my own growth....maybe its the fact that I have my OWN past(and sometimes present) issues with my body...but to say it made my blood boil is an understatement. I am not usually in the habit of starting shit on other people's pages but...I was THISCLOSE to doing so.

Who the everloving f*ck gives YOU the right to comment on ANYONE'S body? (you being the collective you, of course)Unless *you* are perfect(and I dare say you are probably not, is anyone, really?)you have NO right to shame anyone. If some person decides they think it is ok to wear a bikini to the beach, and it FITS(as in, they are wearing clothing the appropriate size for their body....I do take issue with people trying to wear clothing that is FAR too small or horrifically pornographic in can wear that sort of stuff in your own home but please...when you are out, clothes that are the correct size for your body are appropriate.) then who am I to judge? I have seen PLENTY of women(and men) who wear what they want, because they are comfortable in it, and what gives anyone the right to say they shouldn't? I have spent a fair amount of time at the beach so far this year. I have seen women of ALL shapes and sizes show up wearing everything from a  grammy suit to a bikini...not one person was wearing something inappropriate, imo. I have seen larger women sporting bikinis and I say have at it. If you are comfortable in your own skin, then celebrate it! I have to wonder if the people protesting are either jealous, or angry that THEY do not have the confidence to wear such things. Its like anything else in life...if you don't like bikinis, DON'T WEAR ONE!

Its the same thing with workout wear. It is hot as hell 'round these parts and I see many a scantily clad biker/runner out doing their thing. MAD PROPS to those who can go shirtless(men) and just a sports bra(women). I do not have the confidence to do that, (though I wear a 2 piece suit...go own issues, clearly)But I would NEVER think of shaming someone who is out there gettin' it done if they are dressed in appropriately fitting clothes, simply less of them....seriously we not have better things to do? Bigger issues to focus on than what someone looks like in a bathing suit?

One of the MANY reasons I wanted to become a PT was to help women(and men if I go in that direction) accept their bodies and strengthen and LOVE the body they are in. We are NOT all meant to be a size 2. Hell, we aren't all meant to be a size 10! If you are living a healthy life, getting some sort of exercise daily, can wake up in the morning with energy and get through your day feeling good then you are pretty damn lucky and doing ok. If you are doing that in a size 4 body or a size 14 body...what difference does it make? One of the things I love most about ultra running and one of the most HEALING things I have experienced as a result is seeing bodies of ALL sizes out there doing these amazing endurance events. As a runner, I was always *big*...I am FAR from one of those typical marathon runner bodies and always felt some shame about, how could I say I am a runner at MY size? Who would believe me? And since being a runner is such a huge part of who I am....yeah. Now, having done a fair share of Ultras over the years and being beaten regularly by women who are larger than me...I KNOW it has nothing to do with size. That proves to me that you do not need to be 5'6" and 120lbs(which would be impossible for *me*)in order to be a runner. I know some kick-ass women who are in SUPERB shape, with AWESOME muscle that I envy who probably weigh more than me and kick my butt at every race we are in together. And I bet they look damn fine in whatever kind of bathing suit they choose to wear. :)

Now, I will admit that years ago I was just as judgemental. And the reason I was was simple jealousy. I could see a woman TOTALLY comfortable at the beach in a bathing suit and I would *judge* because *I* was NOT comfortable. I felt insecure or whatever. Well, I have learned a thing or 2 over the years and when you know better you do better. :) Now, I look at people with a whole new vision...I am watching to see how confident they look...and when I see the confidence, I smile. Good for them. For all know that same person may have been 100 pounds heavier and is celebrating a weight loss. Maybe she/he was sick for a long time and finally feels well and wants to get out and enjoy life/the beach/etc. Point is, you DON'T know so who are you to judge?

We come in ALL shapes and sizes and that is ok. I truly believe that HEALTH is far more important than the number on the scale. If you are eating well, sleeping well, getting out there and doing something physical every day and feel good....well then that *number* doesn't mean as much.

So the next time you see someone in an outfit YOU don't approve of...stop and consider why...usually when we go to judge others its because of something we need to look at in ourselves. Life has a funny way of providing the exact lessons we need to learn. So stop the body shaming, stop the judgement, and take a look at YOURSELF. Eyes on your OWN mirror, people.

Oh, and this goes for age too....I am not sure when the rule book came out of how one should be at a certain age but...far as I can tell the older you get, the more life you live, the more right you earn to do whatever the heck you want. :)

On that note...I am going to go run around in the heat...then I am going to go put my bikini on and go to the beach. :)

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